Just like any other website, we need a process. That process involved SEO planning, keyword research, keyword analysis, a baseline ranking report, creating a good profile for you, coming up with relevant content, submitting to the search engines, title tag and meta creation, link analysis of your website, link analysis of your competitors, robots.txt creation, alt tags, sitemaps, and much more.

Using PAID tools

In our industry, some seo companies may recommend you use paid tools. Why? Because clicks are fairly inexpensive and may be a good way to turn over visitors on to your website overnight, or within 24 hours, specifically ADWORDS is something we would recommend.

We deliver custom strategies for golf companies that will drive online sales and improved brand awareness. The link building process for GOLF SEO is much easier than most other industries because its such a niche. Most golf related websites aren't as technically savvy as most other industries so it makes negotiating and acquiring links on your behalf much easier. If you want to build some really solid content related back-links, you could also supplement our service with WBR's SEO backlink services as they are a tremendous compliment to our link building process.

Attract new customers, new golfers, build memberships, increase bookings/lessons, improve loyalty and repeat business, generate more leads and prosper.

Using paid link services:

This is a big no no and we will NEVER participate in link purchasing/population/acquisition. If you wish to acquire paid links, we won't do it. We run a niche business and do well because we focus on an industry (GOLF) that no other seo company cares to focus on. We do not wish to tarnish our reputation by attempting to acquire "PAID" bannable links.

The first step is to determine your golf keywords. We'll have a discussion about your business and goals to help us along the way. We will use our proprietary keyword research tools and analyze your competitors to determine the best foot to move forward on.

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